Coronavirus from pets: Can dog and cats get coronavirus?

The question began a few days ago, when a dog was found positive with the coronavirus at the time of Quarantine in Hong Kong. The dog was killed three days after quitting Quarantine. After this incident, the same question was coming in the mind of the internet and people, whether the dog or cat could have coronavirus
Or pets can be Corona various. However, the doctor said that the dog was 'Weak Positive' from the coronavirus, but we can not even confirm whether he was positive with the coronavirus or not.
In addition, that pet was very old and had many other health problems, which could be the reason for her death. A few days later, the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department came to know of a German Shepard dog being coronavirus positive. However, there were no signs of the disease. In both these situations, there was also a second dog in the house, which continued to come negative from the coronavirus.

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